About Us

Although company is new established, it has a very strong team with different expertise combining long term experience from one hand in designing, developing and monitoring new technologies and lifetime solutions in different fields when on the other hand have the necessary experience of agricultural field and new technological requirements for productivity improvement.

Telefarm is based on its strong technological background in ICT and automation as a spin off company of TCB S.A, its collaboration with research organisations for knowledge and scientific support and its cooperation with other vendors specialized in this field.


Animal Production  Plant Production

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Why Us

The integration and use of industry 4.0 technologies (IoT, AI, Big Data, cloud computing, and Digital Twins). Telefarm work synergistically to other IoT solutions for intensive agricultural production systems. The close collaboration of Telefarm with well-established and experient research organizations through MoU (as is the case with the Agricultural University of Athens) enables Telefarm to efficient transform and translate the huge amount of data into useful, for the farmers, advises and services.